[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-02-13

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Feb 13 09:04:45 PST 2008

Attendees: Jeff, Stew, George Kraft, Sam, Jesper, Mats, Darrin Davis, 
Robert Schweikert, Carlos Duclos, Marvin, Alexey, Kay, Russ Herrold

Carlos: F2F?  Jeff: at Collaboration Summit, week of April 7.  Actual 
Summit starts Tuesday, LSB-specific stuff starts Thursday, extends past 
the LF Summit to Friday and Saturday.  Mats: Ted's email to the list has 
the info.

Java.  Jeff:  Kay: the people who own the Java runtimes should be 
creating the LSB-compliant JDK.  Robert: agree, the LSB should provide 
what the JRE needs in 4.0, and the JRE owners should then certify. 
Darrin: certifying class paths?  Want Java apps to drop on LSB system 
and it have a good chance of running.  Robert: should distros install a 
LSB-certified Java runtime?  Can we get a LSB JRE certified by the 4.0 
release?  Kay: working on Java 6 JRE runtime.  What does it mean to make 
it trial use?  Jeff: start gathering data on the status of JREs in the 
distros.  Kay: would a trial use standard help to boost need for LSB 
certification of the JRE?  George: yes.  Kay: specifying where jars get 
installed is an important part.  Robert: for 4.0, get JRE-required 
symbols, get JRE vendors to certify, standard class path in trial use. 
Darrin: JPackage allows multiple JREs; maybe the LSB should do that too. 
  George: how does JPackage handle multiple JVMs?  Darrin: will research 
and send to the list.  Jeff: is there a standard class path already? 
Darrin: JPackage covers this as well.

New library list in ProjectPlan40.  Robert: libresolv no, Python C 
bindings is part of "future of Python" question, probably unrealistic to 
specify more of Perl or Python in 4.0.  Yes to GLU and some X 
extensions, Xmu, Xpm.

Robert: not Motif.  Motif can be shipped; make sure it can be shipped if 
needed.  Kay: only seen 1 Motif app.

Carlos: might be complicated to require SSL because of country and 
export regulations.  Robert: may not be a candidate for 4.0 because of 
legal, tech issues.  Mats: libcrypto is #1 in demand, libssl is #5. 
Robert: LF lawyers may need to take a look.

George: on Motif, also compatibility issues with lesstif.  Some people 
still shipping Motif binaries.

Jeff: SSL should continue to be researched.  Robert: maybe talk about at 
the F2F in April.

Jeff: Cairo is pulled in by newer GTK+, shouldn't be controversial. 
Upstream seems enthusiastic.

Carlos: Qt uplift?  Jeff: on uplifts page, will be considered, most 
likely a resource issue.  Carlos: can provide resources.

Mats: "better C++ support".  libsigc, C++ bindings.  Robert: should be 
prominent, compatibility issue still a problem.  Jeff: improvement? 
Robert: definitely, but the deprecation policies are still an issue.  If 
compatibility issues are under control, then more C++ stuff is probably 
good.  Jeff: combinatorial problem with bindings; should wait for demand 
before adding bindings.  Robert: need a way for ISVs to register demand; 
should do in 4.0 timeframe.

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