[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-02-13

Darren Davis ddavis at novell.com
Wed Feb 13 13:30:51 PST 2008

Darren Davis wrote:
> Jeff Licquia wrote:
>> Attendees: Jeff, Stew, George Kraft, Sam, Jesper, Mats, Darrin Davis, 
>> Robert Schweikert, Carlos Duclos, Marvin, Alexey, Kay, Russ Herrold
>> Carlos: F2F?  Jeff: at Collaboration Summit, week of April 7.  Actual 
>> Summit starts Tuesday, LSB-specific stuff starts Thursday, extends 
>> past the LF Summit to Friday and Saturday.  Mats: Ted's email to the 
>> list has the info.
>> Java.  Jeff:  Kay: the people who own the Java runtimes should be 
>> creating the LSB-compliant JDK.  Robert: agree, the LSB should 
>> provide what the JRE needs in 4.0, and the JRE owners should then 
>> certify. Darrin: certifying class paths?  Want Java apps to drop on 
>> LSB system and it have a good chance of running.  Robert: should 
>> distros install a LSB-certified Java runtime?  Can we get a LSB JRE 
>> certified by the 4.0 release?  Kay: working on Java 6 JRE runtime.  
>> What does it mean to make it trial use?  Jeff: start gathering data 
>> on the status of JREs in the distros.  Kay: would a trial use 
>> standard help to boost need for LSB certification of the JRE?  
>> George: yes.  Kay: specifying where jars get installed is an 
>> important part.  Robert: for 4.0, get JRE-required symbols, get JRE 
>> vendors to certify, standard class path in trial use. Darrin: 
>> JPackage allows multiple JREs; maybe the LSB should do that too.  
>> George: how does JPackage handle multiple JVMs?  Darrin: will 
>> research and send to the list.  Jeff: is there a standard class path 
>> already? Darrin: JPackage covers this as well.
> OK, pretty straight forward.  First to deal with the multiple JVMs, we 
> just use the Debian update-alternatives system.  Talked about here;
> http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-customizing.en.html
> I also found another implementation here;
> http://alternatives.sourceforge.net/
> The Linux/Debian Alternatives system is talked about with JPackage, 
> but JPackage doesn't implement that.  It's goals are pretty 
> straightforward from their website http://jpackage.org/

BTW, for a good explanation of how the Debian Alternatives system works, 
See this blog entry from Steven Kroon.




P.S. Jeff, my named is spelled with an 'e', not an 'i'.

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