[lsb-discuss] What version of glibc to target?

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Feb 20 06:23:32 PST 2008

> It's rather unfortunate that SLES 10 is at the glibc 2.4, level, since
> some of the features in glibc 2.5 are interesting; but it's not clear
> how many of the glibc 2.5 features are really critical for
> ISV's --- and
> even if they are, for the syscall related ones (i.e., splice, tee,
> et. al), it's relatively easy for the ISV to link against supplemental
> libraries to provide these functions.

I don't think stopping at 2.4 is a huge problem.  That's where most
of the new interfaces came in, including inotify and the *at intefaces
that will be in this year's POSIX version.

> So one thing that I think we should consider is to target LSB 4.0 so
> that SLES 10 and RHEL 5 can certify against it.  It might mean
> dropping some libraries and functionality, but we can always just
> defer some of the to LSB 4.1. 

I'm rather leary of this; especially if the picture becomes that
4.0 is a small release and 4.1 includes a lot of the uplifts and
new functionality.  That will further muddle the picture of what
an LSB version means...


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