[lsb-discuss] What version of glibc to target?

Theodore Tso tytso at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 20 07:40:05 PST 2008

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 06:23:32AM -0800, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> > So one thing that I think we should consider is to target LSB 4.0 so
> > that SLES 10 and RHEL 5 can certify against it.  It might mean
> > dropping some libraries and functionality, but we can always just
> > defer some of the to LSB 4.1. 
> I'm rather leary of this; especially if the picture becomes that
> 4.0 is a small release and 4.1 includes a lot of the uplifts and
> new functionality.  That will further muddle the picture of what
> an LSB version means...

Our number one priority has to be making it easy for ISV's to target
the LSB, not issues of abstract purity of muddling the LSB version.  I
wouldn't be surprised, actually, if we end up uplifting glibc to 2.7
in the next version after LSB 4.0, so that might mean that we end up
going to LSB 5.0.

						- Ted

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