[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-02-20

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Feb 20 09:08:08 PST 2008

Attendees: Jeff, Russ Herrold, Sam, Dan Kohn, Stew, George Kraft, Ted, 
Darren Davis, Mats, Marc Miller, Jesper, Kay Tate, Vladimir, Alexey.

Jeff: making changes to bzr.  Commit messages are now going to 
lsb-messages.  Will be upgrading the repository formats; everyone should 
be looking at upgrading their bzr to 0.92 or better.

Java.  Jeff heard a video podcast with some Java folks, sent them email. 
  Someone should be joining the conversation from Sun soon.

Ted: looking at next round of distros; 1st quarter 2009, could slip. 
Enterprise targeting will be for current generation for the next few 
years.  RHEL 6/SLES 11 won't be directly targeted for a while.  Should 
LSB 4 target the current enterprise distros?  Easier to target, less 
guesswork involved.  Goerge: LSB 3.3?  Ted: how do we define versions? 
Will there be a substantial enough change?  Backwards compatibility vs. 
enterprise distro changes.  Russ: will always develop to the lowest 
common denominator.  Jeff: still backward incompatible changes even in 
RHEL 5.  Russ: ship multiple binaries?  Jeff: apps vs. distros; LSB 3 
apps will run on LSB 4 distros, but LSB 4 apps may not run on LSB 3 
distros.  Russ: SpikeSource is developing for LSB 3 for that reason. 
Ted: how long will the enterprise distros maintain compatibility back to 
the RHEL 3 timeframe?  Russ: trust ISV deployment.  RHEL 3 is starting 
to die off.    Jeff: support RHEL 4 for LSB 4?  Some of that isn't going 
to happen; Qt 4 isn't in RHEL 4.  Darren: major bump in LSB reflect 
major bump in distros?  Ted: want to attract more ISVs.  Jeff: tension 
between newer core and newer features.  Darren: the distros probably 
won't pull in changes just to do LSB 4 on the older distros.  Ted: the 
idea would be that RHEL 5 and SLES 10 won't need to change to certify to 
LSB 4.0.  Dan: could also certify the older distros ourselves; 
continuous testing against the major enterprise distros in the 4.0 
process.  Russ: this seems to satisfy both ISV concerns.  Ted: also 
helps the development process; if we make decisions in April, will we 
know what RHEL 6/SLES 11 by then?  Also, ISVs won't ship for a long time.

Kay: Java in a service pack for the distros?  Ted: they ship now.  Kay: 
do they have all the stuff they're supposed to?  Ted: once we have Java 
sections of the spec, shouldn't be too difficult to do that as a service 

Ted: need Canonical and Red Hat people on the call.  Jeff: SuSE too; 
Darren is more the ISV side of Novell.

Ted: we should target RHEL5, SLES10, and Ubuntu Hardy for 4.0.  Make 
sense?  Jeff: should be plenty to do.  Pain of prediction.  LSB 5?  Ted: 
don't want to make that decision now.  Maybe do LSB 5 by end of 2009, 
assuming on-time release of LSB 4.

Jeff: what does that mean in terms of work?  Stack checking, gcc 4.x 
C++, long-double.  Ted: missing features in 2.5 may not be so 
interested.  Hash style may be the hot issue; need to check whether 
having both hashes breaks glibc 2.4 systems (SLES 10).  Mats: in 3.x, we 
force the old hash because of a gcc bug; should check to see if that's 

Jeff: should post the proposal to the list.  Ted will do it.

Kay: Navigator updates due today, not done yet because of staff issues. 
  Will probably be a week late.  Ted: still important.  Kay: will cut 
off if need be, and do more later.

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