[lsb-discuss] Invitation to the OpenPrinting Meeting on the Linux Foundation Summit 2008

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 10:54:36 PST 2008


on April 8-10 The Linux Foundation will hold its second Collaboration
Summit at the UT Supercomputing Center in Austin, TX:


On the first day there will be plenary sessions, on the other two days
sessions of the subgroups of the Linux Foundation. And there will be
also additional informal meetings on April 11 and 12 if needed.

I will also be there to have a 1-day OpenPrinting Meeting and additional
printing sessions on the other days.

Proposed subjects for the OpenPrinting Meeting are:

- Automatic download and installation of distribution-independent driver
   packages: Security and QA concepts required by Linux distribution

- Common Printing Dialog for all applications and desktops designed by
   OpenUsability: Specs for integrating the dialog with applications,
   desktops, and drivers

- State of the art of the replacement of PostScript by PDF as standard
   print job format: foomatic-rip 4.0 and other filters

- LSB 4.0 and printing: First thoughts about which requirements to add:
   GTK printing interface, CUPS 1.2.x features, SANE, ...

- Presentation of printing activities to the Linux Foundation members
   (especially printer manufacturers) and other interested participants
   of the event.

- Report on other OpenPrinting work group activities

These subjects are only suggestions, any other subject idea is welcome.

You all are invited to participate in this OpenPrinting Meeting, 
especially to discuss the printing requirements to be added to the LSB 4.0.

If the OpenPrinting Meeting and the LSB Meeting happen to be on the same 
day, we will arrange that for LSB printing session the LSB track and the 
OpenPrinting track willl be joint, like on the first LF Summit.

Please tell us as soon as possible whether you will attend, so that we
can make an estimation on the size of the room and on sponsoring needs.

Note also that this meeting should not replace the OpenPrinting Summit
in September/October this year. So if you get financial support from
your employer only for one of the two events we prefer you to come to
the OpenPrinting Summit (but sponsoring of your second trip could be

Discussion about the meeting happens on the printing-summit mailing list:


Please subscribe before you post.

I am grateful for your quick response as the meeting is already in 6 weeks.


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