[lsb-discuss] Question of LSB DDK for printing

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 17:31:31 PST 2008

Tatsuya Saito wrote:
> Till Kamppeter wrote:
>> Are you giving the filter name(s) with absolute path, for example with
>> %define filternames /opt/nec/bin/pngtoneclaser
>> In the PPD all occurences of "pngtoneclaser" will be replaced by 
>> "/opt/nec/bin/pngtoneclaser".
> No, I wrote only filename like "pngtoneclaser".
> And, the macro don't replace filename in PPD when I gave absolute path
>  with splix driver spec added absolute path.
> Is it the macro's problem?

This is really strange. Can you post your

%define filternames

line? Did you call the macro


>> If you filter is a CUPS filter, for example 
>> "rastertoneclaser" you can 
>> use "%set_cups_links" and do not need "filternames" then. But using 
>> "filternames" as I described above and not using "%set_cups_links" 
>> should also work.
> Thank you for help.
> I'll use defining filternames or %set_cups_links.
>>>>> 4) %set_opt_paths and %init_scriptlet
>> This looks like a bug of your distro, /etc/profile should be 
>> executed at 
>> least on boot or login. For the printing itself you will usually not 
>> need to add something to the PATH, filters can have absolute paths in 
>> the PPD or they can be linked to /usr/lib/cups/filter.
> OK.
> I'll check my environment more.
>> The facility to add the driver's executable directory to the PATH is 
>> more to simplify the call of maintenance tools, like ink 
>> level checks, ...
> I think so too, but this way cannot add path immediately after install.
> It causes a problem If drivers are Open Printing Vector Driver of IPC
> extension Type[1].
> OPVP of IPC extension Type needs executable module to run printer driver.
> So I hope that we can add path(or some way to run module, for example
> symlink to /usr/bin)

What about using absolute paths here.


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