[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-02-27

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Feb 27 09:38:40 PST 2008

Attendees: Jeff, Mats, Sam, George, Robert, Darren Davis, Dan Kohn, 
Jesper, Stew, Marc Miller, Ted, Carlos, Russ, Kay, Markus.

Google Summer of Code announced; do we want to do this?  Ted: no 
guarantee of funding or completion.  What projects are there that aren't 
critical?  George: dynamic application checking.  Dan: agrees with Ted; 
management resources sucked in that we don't have.  Jeff: maybe next 
year, after successful LSB 4 release.  Dan: if we have stuff to do, we 
have money of our own.  Ted: also, project doesn't start until June, 
complete until August; poor fit with our current schedule.  Talk about 
various projects; Berlin API deserves more effort.  Enhancements to 
alien might be a good candidate.  Jeff will research.  Russ has been 
doing alien work; may mentor the SoC candidate.

High-priority items.

Reimports.  Mats: tools in pretty good shape.  Qt 3 pretty much done, Qt 
4 in progress, libstdc++ in research phase.  Ted: how much time does it 
take to do a reimport?  Mats: run the tool, which suggests stuff to be 
added, which needs to be researched.  The analysis is what takes time. 
ISPRAS has been doing most of the work there; perhaps several days to 
look at the material.  Ted: how many libs?  Jeff: Qt 3, Qt 4 (several), 
libstdc++, X11 (several), libgl.  Mats: we can't use our data to 
generate headers without the reimports.  Ted: this is also the same 
process to uplift?  Mats: yes.  Ted: if there's anything more to 
automate, we can do that.  Mats: ISPRAS doing the heavy lifting, 
probably know about tool quality.  Jeff: should we ask ISPRAS about tool 
quality?  Mats will keep the conversation going; Ted and Markus will 
also ask for it in the status report.

glibc.  Mats: discussion pretty much resolved to target glibc 2.4.  Need 
to identify symbols to add, both from 2.4 and from older versions. 
Jeff: multiple symbol version support?  Mats: yes, old policy was having 
one symbol and one symbol version; this will change in 4.0.  Related to 
the requirement to link libpthread.  Database supports it now, but there 
are lots of assumptions in other code that there's only one.  Ted: who 
has the skills to do this, besides Mats?  Mats: ISPRAS can; have been 
going back and forth with them on this.  May need to refactor 
deprecation to tie to the symbol version instead of the symbol itself. 
Jeff: strategy?  pre-worry, or just do it and test to find problems? 
Mats: we know which scripts assume this, so we can do some preparation. 
  Ted: when can we start adding multiple symbols to test this?  Mats: 
can create a test case easily; pthread, for example.

D-Bus.  Mats: versioning issue; SLES 10 has D-Bus older than 1.0 (0.6). 
  Stew: RHEL looks like 0.7.  Mats: nervous about pre-1.0 API in 
standard.  Ted: any requests?  Jeff: ATSPI, HAL, other integration. 
Ted: maybe push off past 4.0?  Kay: BTW, have been sending app info to 
ISPRAS.  Ted: anyone using D-Bus?  Kay: larger ISVs to start using it; 
they work with the smaller ones.  May be better to talk to larger ISVs 
directly.  Ted: meeting with ISVs next week; can bring up that question. 
  Kay: people should submit data to the Navigator.  Darren: can be a 
hard sell; nervousness about doing analysis on code.  Ted: maybe we 
would be more successful if blinding were easier.  Dan: SAP is available 
as a binary for free download.  Darren: maybe if some of the data was 
restricted.  Ted: maybe do D-Bus 1.0 as Google SoC as a trial-use 
module.  Jeff: apps in Navigator seem to be mostly open-source; Skype 
probably the most prominent.  Ted: interest as GSoC?  Sponsor?  a11y? 
Robert: maybe D-Bus should be medium instead of high.  Ted: maybe even 
low, as trial-use.  Dan: intersection between 0.6 and 1.0?

ALSA.  Mats: want feedback on trial-use standard.  If we don't make 
changes, could flip a switch.  Jeff: tests?  Mats: should look at that. 
  Maybe, ISPRAS was looking at that.  Markus: ISPRAS already looking at 
this, were going to do for the May code drop.  Ted: have we seen any 
upcoming ABI changes in bleeding-edge ALSA?  Mats: SuSE ALSA guy figured 
this out with ISPRAS, don't know the exact resolution.  Markus will find 
out.  Mats: when the tests appear, we can move it over.  Jeff: should 
use the wiki to fill in status info.

Mats: adding libGLU is almost done; just need a published spec.  Ted: is 
there a spec somewhere?  Mats: contained in the general OpenGL spec, 
just need to make sure it's as complete as we need.

Ted: please update status page!

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