[lsb-discuss] GdkGeneral test fail

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	On Jan 11, 2008 8:18 PM, Stew Benedict
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		I don't recall seeing this particular case before. It
may just be behavioral
		differences with 2.4.x. The LSB spec and tests are based
on 2.6, I
		believe, and the navigator says these came in with LSB

	OK, but i encounter this failure in LSB 3.0 certification test
selected from DTK manager drop-down list,
	should this be  evicted  from  LSB 3.0  test as it is came in
with LSB 3.1? 

Yes, this should not be in the 3.0 certification.  When I bring up 3.0
in the dropdown box, the list of Runtime Interface Tests is limited to
Core Tests
Libstdc++ Tests
X11 Tests (Vsw4)
Is that what you see?
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