[lsb-discuss] GdkGeneral test fail

Andrey Smachev biga at ispras.ru
Wed Jan 16 01:09:13 PST 2008

On 16.01.2008 06:03, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
 >> Is there a way to help DTK manager get through a proxy?
> We're waiting on an answer for this.  I suspect the underlying 
> technology allows it.

Unfortunately, the underlying technology doesn't allow it.
We have started developing a new architecture of DTK Manager where this 
problem can be solved.

As a temporary workaround we can suggest setting up a FTP mirror on a 
local machine. For example lftp tool could be used for this.

The following page may be helpful:

When you've set up a mirror there is two ways to explain DTK Manager to 
work with it.
The first way is to use DTK Manager in a command line with --ftp option. 
To run certification, type:

#> /opt/lsb/test/manager/autotest-ext/lsb-tef.pl all –D \
--ftp '<your-ftp-mirror>/directory' 2>&1 \
|tee /tmp/tests_output.8888

In case you have mirrored 'ftp://ftp.linux_foundation.org/pub/lsb' to 
'ftp://localhost/pub/lsb' then '<your-ftp-mirror>/directory' line should 
look like 'localhost/pub/lsb'.

The results will be available in WebUI as usual.

Another way is to hack the 
/opt/lsb/test/manager/autotest-ext/Packages.pm file. There are two lines 
in the beginning of the file:
our $FTP_srv = "ftp.linux-foundation.org";
our $FTP_lsb = "ftp://$FTP_srv/pub/lsb";

Change them and you will be able to use WebUI as well.

Hope this will help.

Best regards,
Andrey Smachev.

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