[lsb-discuss] running a spell check

Peter Moulder pjrm at mail.internode.on.net
Sat Jan 19 00:06:11 PST 2008

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 05:41:47PM -0800, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:

> > Please run a spell checker over LSB.  (E.g. `implemetnations'.)
> It's a good idea, but pretty hard to implemetn :-).  The LSB specification
> is maintained in docbook source, plus it's loaded with terms that
> are not dictionary words.  Seems like aspell has at least some
> support that could help with the former issue, and of course those
> words can be added to the local dictionary. I could also spell-check
> a generated document (the .txt version),

You can try both aspell -H and ispell -h.  The man page for ispell
specifically says that it works for SGML format too; I'd guess this is
true for aspell -H too.  So checking a generated document and working
back to the original shouldn't be necessary.

I don't know what the usual way of specifying a local dictionary, but
one way is with [ai]spell -p to specify a personal dictionary in the
current working directory.

One might start off by trying `aspell list' or `ispell -l' (possibly on
a generated text file if they don't work with -H respectively -h) and
editing the resulting file with vi if this is a faster way of populating
the personal dictionary.


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