[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-01-23

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Jan 23 08:51:39 PST 2008

Attendees: Jeff, Mats, Kay Tate, George Kraft, Stew, Sam, Vladimir, 
Alexey, Russ Herrold, Robert Schweikert, Marvin, Dan Kohn, Ted Ts'o

LSB 3.2 release candidate.  Big issue is the xts5 issues; seems to be 
building with an extra symbol.  Stew: working on a fix to the build issues.

Other issues: printing is failing on testfoomaticrip 13 on occasion. 
Jeff will look at.  Perl and Python seems to be doing OK; the issue 
seems to be to make sure the right modules are installed.  Mats: failing 
three things that no one else is; probably related to network setup.

Schedule?  Does the xts5 fix deserve another RC?  Mats: xts5 works OK on 
some systems, so fixing xts5 may not need a second RC.  Since the 
failures seem to be on more bleeding-edge systems, may not even need to 
fix xts5 for the release; fix it later as an update.  Jeff: build on 
newer system and see if it regresses on older?  Mats: depending on 
non-LSB stuff, so non-trivial.  Jeff: let's work on it until the Friday 
bug call, then decide what to do.  That will put the final release early 
next week unless it's decided to do a second RC, in which case that 
would be done next week.

Jeff: cert, pr system released, in use.

Dan: are hiring for LSB people, would like recommendations.  Please send 
to Ted and Dan.

Robert: LF collaboration summit; F2F?  Ted: half-day meeting overlapping 
with the collaboration summit, more focused on new people at the summit, 
11th have a full day F2F, 12th can be an overflow.  Sufficient?  Robert: 
maybe not, might want two days.  Ted: did we need to do everything we 
did at Novell F2F?  Mats: the advantage is that we can force people to 
focus on things, which doesn't always happen on the lists.  Ted: have 
some ideas, may bring up later, start a thread on the list.  Robert: all 
week, start Monday, break for the summit, finish on Friday?  Dan: may be 
a scheduling conflict for some due to board meeting on Monday.  Ted: 
hackfest on Monday?  Jeff: less time needed?  Robert: may need more time 
to evaluate where we're at.  Hackfest popular with several people. 
Mats: blowing two weekends?  Robert: late Friday flyouts?  Ted: may 
start earlier in the weekend, do something social.  Will start a thread 
on this in the mailing list.

George: can DTK Manager do multiple LSB versions?  Jeff: yes.  Dan: is 
there a demand for 3.0 certification?  Jeff: the cert in progress is 
3.0.  George: service packs.  Mats: also, people sometimes don't want 
desktop.  Dan: does it make sense to do a "non-desktop" LSB cert 
program?  There seems to be interest.  Dan: lot of work?  Mats: 
shouldn't be; pick the right subset of tests.  Ted: do LSB 3.2 first, 
talk about a subset later.  Probably want it for 4.0 profile also. 
Jeff: confusion.  Ted: don't want an excuse, either.  Alexey: DTK 
Manager does support two profiles for 3.1 and 3.2 already: with and 
without desktop.

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