[lsb-discuss] Coder for a new driver?

Robert Pawlowicz rob at agreeablenotion.com
Fri Jan 25 07:03:20 PST 2008

I meant driver in the correct meaning of the word. I want to be able to
print PDF documents on the printer over a LAN.

I found this mailing list via the Linux Printing site. I've taken up the
previous suggestion about contacting Greg KH free driver writing
service, but will also test any existing drivers once the test printer
arrives, however I've already been told by the suppliers that no such
driver exists... we'll see.


Theodore Tso wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 10:41:35AM +0000, Robert Pawlowicz wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Our office runs Debian on all our machines. We are purchasing a bunch of
>> Zebra label printers to stream-line our manufacturing processes. However
>> Zebra drivers for Linux are very thin on the ground.
> I would second Mat's suggestion to check out the Open Printing site.
> It looks like a number of the Zebra printers are supported, including
> MD-1000, MD-1300, MD-1500, MD-2000, MD-2010, MD-2300, MD-4000,
> MD-5000, and MD-5500.  Whether or not they are supported by your
> distribution may be a different matter, and whether you have the
> correct package loaded is a different one.
> Of course, this is only a low-level print driver.  If you are looking
> for a fancy GUI program that lets you format a label, or given a list
> of mailing addresses, print labels for them all, that's a slightly
> different matter.  What Windows users something considers "drivers",
> and what a Linux kernel developer or the Linux world considers a
> "driver" are sometimes different and I don't want to make any
> assumptions about what you meant by the word.
> Regards,
> 						- Ted


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