[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-01-30

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Jan 30 09:10:23 PST 2008

Attendees: Jeff, Ted, Mats, Sam, Darrin Davis, Marvin, George Kraft, 
Stew, Kay Tate, Carlos Duclos, Robert Schweikert

LSB 3.2 released.  Sample implementation still left.  Sam: progress is 
slow, because of 11-hour build.  Issues with gawk not returning an error 
code, so the build "succeeds" even though large parts aren't building.

3.2 postmortem.  Robert: autobuilding was done, but a few things still 
crept in anyway.  Ted: tracking bugs wasn't done as well.  1/3 planning, 
1/3 implementing, 1/3 debugging.  Mats: need to settle questions sooner; 
Qt 4 was decided much later than it should have been, ALSA was also 
extremely late.  Ted: should freeze feature list by end of March, 
implement before August, release in November.  Jeff: navigator.

Ted: need to identify the apps we care about very soon and get them into 
the database, so that we have the data to make that decision for 4.0. 
Jeff: sounds like a good task in the short-term.  Jeff:  novell and 
chiphopper?  Darrin: plenty have been added.  Kay: uploaded a few, will 
be ongoing, some 15-20 in the queue right now.  Ted: could we set a 
deadline of 3 weeks for highest priority?  Kay: probably can't, 
personnel issues.  Should probably prioritize the apps in the queue, 
will use 3 weeks as a target date.  Even if we can't get it into the 
database, we can bring specific API requests.  Darrin: about 10 apps 
from Novell in the database.  Goals: get the info submitted as part of 
Novell's autobuild process and the OpenSuSE build process.  Priority 
issues.  Goerge: will have a summer student, make local copies of LSB 
database and navigator and will populate it with internal IBM apps, can 
report back when that's done.

Robert: decision-making.  Didn't finish the Qt 4 discussion when we 
started it; have a tendency to do that.  Should be more disciplined 
about making those decisions.

Jeff: preview releases way early (July, September, etc.)?  Ted: good 
idea, should time it with conferences to give us something to talk 
about.  Robert: should be release-ready at any time, preview releases 
will help.  One concern: how much time will that take away from the 
development process?  Ted: feature-complete by August 1, could time 
preview 1 around that time.  Also, need ISV input before then. 

Carlos: schedule?  Ted: feature list by April, basic implementation by 
August, first beta October 3, release candidate November 1.  Carlos: 
after 4.0?  Ted: could do a 4.1.  Robert: should time with enterprise 
distro releases.  Carlos: concern is to figure out where changes need to 
be proposed.  Ted: need advance information on their plans.

Ted: engage SLES and RHEL release teams more in 4.0 process, get tests 
run by upstreams more.  Jeff: can do the latter sooner; Ubuntu wants to 
run the autotest framework as part of their QA for hardy.

Jeff: immediate tasks: propose Ted's 4.0 schedule, evaluate LSB database 
for missing data (esp. apps).  Also can start to engage release teams 
and upstreams.

Robert: Java should be something to decide, possibly in the next month 
or so.  Ted: has anyone been watching OpenJDK?  Kay: get a Java 
representative?  Ted: someone from Harmony/OpenJDK, maybe IBM JDK team. 
  Robert: wiki page?  Jeff: have one, out of date, should update, linked 
from toplevel workgroup page.  Sam: private Java results that could be 
copied into LsbJava.  Ted: two tasks: update LsbJava and engage people 
on the upstream Java teams.

Carlos: next F2F?  Ted: At same time as LF Collaboration Summit in 
April, all-day Friday meeting plus social stuff over that following weekend.

Jeff: important to continue the discussion, follow up to the list for 
corrections to the notes, additional issues, etc.

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