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Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
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In hopes of helping whomever will re-write the Java page here is my 
recollection about the current state of affairs.

Option 1.) Pick a JVM/JDK (Sun, IBM, etc.) and bless it by inclusion 
into the LSB
The advantage is we will have one implementation that is part of the LSB 
and apps depending on Java know it will be there when running on an LSB 
certified distro.

A big disadvantage is that we have to pick one and therefore we will 
create an impression of having chosen a winner of the Java 
implementation. We also have the problem of having to pick different 
"winners" for different platforms, for example on x86 we use Sun's 
implementation, but IBM hardware we need to use IBM's implementation. 
Further we will run into app vendor issues with this approach. App 
vendors pick their favorite JVM and ship it, and just because the LSB 
now has a JVM a vendor is not going to just drop their favorite 

Option 2.) Get LSB to the point where any Java vendor can certify their 
We will not appear to be picking a "winner" if we go this route, a big 
plus. Further this option addresses the app vendor favorite Java 
implementation as they can continue shipping the JVM they want. We also 
do not have to worry about different implementations for different 
platforms. In short this option addresses all the disadvantages of the 
first option.

The big hurdle for this option is that we will have to do a lot of leg 
work to convince Java implementers (JVM/JDK providers) to certify their 
implementation. This will probably not be easy.


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