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Scott Baeder baeder at cadence.com
Thu Jan 31 13:12:41 PST 2008

I've been quiet for a while, but following all the interesting work!

But on this, isn't the whole purpose of LSB to establish a BASE that we
(the ISV's) can count on and assume is present?  I guess if NO ONE ever
needed a Java environment to be present, we could eliminate it, but that
seems not to be a likely case, no matter how much NEW stuff is written
in Ajax of some other new-fangled-yet-to be-invented

It doesn't do us any good to say that there is a standard provider we
agree on if it's not already installed and delivered by the OS provider
(aka distro), since as I see it, there is the certification of the
provider of the foundation, and the building to that certification for
the applications.

Again, congratulations to all the LSB team on a lot of good, hard work
to get things out the door!]


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I'm still of the opinion that the LSB should not specify the Java
language and/or runtime.  Java is Sun's product and they have their own
certification programs.  However, the LSB should certify JNIs and JREs
as LSB applications.

Secondly, is Java relevant any longer?  Are new applications that would
have been written in Java are now being written in Web 2.0/AJAX or

Lastly, would it be sufficient for the GNU/Linux community to endorse a
single open source Java provider?




George (gk4)

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