[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-05-28

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Tue Jun 3 12:46:41 PDT 2008

Joseph Kowalski wrote:
> Jeff Licquia wrote:
>> Sorry.  "Certified" -> "Java trademark compliant", meaning Sun is OK 
>> with IBM calling its JRE "Java".
> I'm pretty sure the Sun (who owns the trademark) allows certified 
> implementations to call themselves Java.  I believe there are rather 
> explicit statements prohibiting the use of the name Java for 
> non-certified implementations  (certified in this case means JCK).

Yup, that was the intended meaning.

> I can still read this two ways,... maybe both:
>    It is desired that Java implementations use D-Bus.
>    Java applications need/desire D-Bus access methods.
> ????

The latter, I think.  The former may or may not be true, but especially 
after AT-SPI gets ported to D-Bus, the latter will definitely be true.

>    1)   I think this might just come out of the "Java Specification".

It may, but we may also need to pay attention to the Linux ABI, and make 
sure that "binary quirks" are documented and uniform.

>    2)   As a process, I think we should get the interfaces for "Pure" 
> Java applications defined for the LSB first, and then worry about 
> Java/JNI applications.  Just a "divide and conquer" thing.


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