[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-06-04

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Jun 4 10:06:22 PDT 2008

Attendees: Jeff Licquia, Dan Kohn, Stew Benedict, Carlos Duclos, Ron 
Hale-Evans, Kay Tate, Mats Wichmann, Robert Schweikert, Darren Davis, 
Vladimir Rubanov, Alexey Khoroshilov

3.2.  Issues should be fixed.  Qt 4 issues on ppc64, and app checkers. 
Carlos: what was the problem?  Stew: known issue in Qt 4.2, fixed in Qt 
4.3.  Will email Carlos the details.

SI should be OK, too, with the Qt fix.  Stew: built, signed, in beta 
dir.  Waiting on new tests.  Jeff will check.

Alexey: merge new ATK Manager into 3.2 bzr?  Jeff: let's hold off.

Carlos: won't be doing a refresh of Qt 4.2, but can host the patch so 
it's prominently available.  Jeff: can figure out later today.

Repositories.  Jeff is reworking those to make it easier to decouple 
some things from the LSB version cycle.  Have two repositories: one for 
version-specific stuff and a "common" one.  OK?  Darren: doesn't matter. 
  Kay: how hard to get started?  Mats: should just do one.  Robert: more 
than one repo is a waste of space?  Jeff: user issue, will be separate 
from the back end point of view.

New repositories won't be ready for 3.2 refresh; will do that the old 
way and pull in the pieces.

Java.  Joe sent a message summarizing the current status.  Went through; 
any issues?  Robert: looks good.  Jeff: point 5.  Darren: distros do 
need to ship multiple JVMs.  Kay: 32/64 bit issue.  Robert: should allow 
distros to ship more than one version of Java.  Darren: handle via 
alternatives mechanism.

Robert: Java appchk?  Jeff: does the JCK have a app side as well as a VM 
side?  Something to research.  If the JCK doesn't have an application 
checker, we'll need to do something; perhaps a bytecode verifier and 
reference checker.

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