[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-06-04

Joseph Kowalski jek3 at sun.com
Thu Jun 5 23:41:49 PDT 2008

Theodore Tso wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 06:53:22PM -1000, Joseph Kowalski wrote:
>> That said, I understand your concern, but it is far from clear what the
>> right thing is to do.  Currently, there isn't a good story for
>> co-resident 64-bit/32-bit Java on Linux (from anybody, including Sun).
> The main reason that I could see for needing something like that would
> be Multiarch support for JNI code.  Suppose you are running an
> application (not necessarily an LSB application) that only has shipped
> with it some 32-bit JNI code.  For Distributions that do support
> Multiarch (i.e., they can run both 64-bit and 32-bit binaries) the
> 32-bit JNI code will work on their 64-bit system --- if the user can
> invoke the 32-bit JVM.

Yea, its kinda funny... Nobody expects a 32-bit C application to work on a
distro like amd64 Ubuntu (which by default doesn't support 32-bit).
Somehow people forget that Java applications containing 32-bit JNI
modules are pretty much the same thing.

I understand why an distro might want to provided both.  I'm a bit
lost as to why this is an LSB issue.  Does the LSB generally require
support for 32-bit objects on 64-bit platforms?

> Or does the JVM have the ability to run the JNI code in a separate
> process that could be running in 32-bit compatibility mode?


- jek3

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