[lsb-discuss] Generate yum repositories for Red Hat/Fedora and SUSE

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 09:38:03 PDT 2008

After having generated my first apt-get repositories for the Debian 
packages on the OpenPrinting server, I also want to index the RPM 
packages, so that users can install and auto-update with yum.

I have found out that there are two index formats: The depricated 
yum-arch and the new XML-based createrepo.

The switchover to createrepo was done on Fedora 3/RHEL 4, but it is told 
that perhaps other distros can be still using yum-arch. Having only 
packages for LSB 3.2 do I still need yum-arch or is it enough if I only 
generate indices with createrepo?

As I did not yet get createrepo to work but yum-arch, I have generated a 
yum-arch index directory "headers" in


on parker, URL of this directory is


So you could test if you have an appropriate distro.


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