[lsb-discuss] Some thoughts about the recent packaging discussion

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Sat Mar 1 16:22:17 PST 2008

Theodore Tso wrote:
> 3) The Berlin API provides a useful addition to distributions that are
> willing to accept patches to their package management systems so that
> users who *do* install commercial ISV packages can more easily
> uninstall them.  If a distribution is going to spit in the wind, or
> refuse to implement patches which we donate to allow 3rd party
> installers to register files created by said installer to a package
> name so that a user can easily remove said package later, that is not
> a disaster.  

As a minor correction, some of the feedback (including feedback sent 
directly to me, so you may not have seen it in the list traffic) has 
indicated that Berlin could be implemented as an entirely third-party 
system, and could work with zero changes on the part of the package 
system maintainers.  I intend to work on a second straw man this week to 
try and summarize that feedback.

The distros could still reject it, but it would be more difficult to 
reject it on technical grounds.  And given that this is an ISV hot 
button, removing technical barriers to its acceptance could give their 
feedback more weight against whatever resistance we might meet.

As an aside, I think the process of discussion has been positive; 
amongst the dross, there have been several nuggets of gold.  But I agree 
that we should avoid over-analyzing and get to coding soon.

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