[lsb-discuss] Question of LSB DDK for printing

Tatsuya Saito saitou-t at mxd.nes.nec.co.jp
Sun Mar 2 15:53:04 PST 2008


I apologize for this late reply.

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Tatsuya Saito wrote:
> > In this case, "rastertospl2" in ppd wasn't replaced absolute path.
> > Because *cupsfilter is replaced by %adjust_ppds only if 
> filternames is
> > empty. 
> > (see at Line 229 in rpmmacros)
> > 
> > Do you expect this behavior?
> >
> I think it makes more sense if "filternames" definition also 
> applies to 
> the "*cupsFilter: ..." entries. Please try the attached 
> rpmmacros file. 
> It will also apply the path additions defined by "filternames" to the 
> "*cupsFilter: ..." entries of the PPD files.
> If it works for you please tell me and I will upload the file.
Thank you for updating rpmmacros.
I tried it and confirmed it replaced "*cupsfilter" path by absolute path
defined "filternames".
I have no problem on my case, defining absolute path in filternames :)

But it adds "/opt/splix/bin/" directory to "*cupsfilter" if somebody define
 only filename in "filternames" like
 %define filternames rastertospl2
Because you changed code on related FoomaticRIPCommandLine.
I think it has to add "/opt/splix/cups/lib/filter" in ppd.

> >>>>>>> 4) %set_opt_paths and %init_scriptlet
> >>> It causes a problem If drivers are Open Printing Vector 
> >> Driver of IPC
> >>> extension Type[1].
> >>> OPVP of IPC extension Type needs executable module to run 
> >> printer driver.
> Which source file do you mean?
OPVP driver of IPC extention type.
It needs to load module and stream data such as following.
When they call next module, they use module name in these source file.
 cupsfilter -> gs -> opvp ipc client library
-> opvp ipc server executable module -> opvp driver

> Simply try to use an absolute path in all references to a 
> driver/filter 
> executable in the PPD file.
> For dynamic libraries set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH:
> *FoomaticRIPCommandLine: "export 
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/nec/lib/; gs ..."
> I could also add a macro for doing this with the PPD files.
Some drivers/filters executable path is NOT in the PPD file.
For example, path of opvp ipc server executable module is written in
Makefile.am of opvp ipc source.
Of course, it differs from one case to the next.

I think we may need a policy of the way to call executable modules,
changing path environment or using absolute path, or more way if you have.

Thank you.

 Tatsuya Saito
 NEC Soft,Ltd.

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