[lsb-discuss] Please check the Application Testkit Manager (was Re: Looking at 4.0 work)

Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Tue Mar 4 07:33:34 PST 2008


BTW, could you please check the latest ATK Manager 1.3 release (from
We've made some progress since the last time we discussed this with you. In
particular, we've implemented your suggestion to make a "no-install" version
of ATK that can be run from anywhere and without root privileges (which we
plan to make the only choice in future). Also, submitting data about
analyzed applications to Navigator is now a trivial step from within the
ATK. There are other improvements as well. Could you please check the
current state and provide more ideas on how to improve?


P.S. Of course I would be happy if anybody else could check the ATK as well
and provide their comments. The more feedback we have the more chances to
"brush up the tools" well.

> >> The other thing that I noticed is we definitely need to get more
> >> proprietary applications into the navigator.
> >
> We also need to brush up on the tools to make it easy for ISVs to submit
> the data.

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