[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-02-27

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Tue Mar 4 09:01:13 PST 2008

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Ted: have we seen any 
> upcoming ABI changes in bleeding-edge ALSA?  Mats: SuSE ALSA guy figured 
> this out with ISPRAS, don't know the exact resolution.  Markus will find 
> out.  Mats: when the tests appear, we can move it over.  Jeff: should 
> use the wiki to fill in status info.
I've added the results of our research to wiki's ALSA Discussion page

A short summary: there are 6 candidates to be added additionally for
4.0; there is a large set of interfaces (100+) that could be added since
they are present in all distros and approved by alsa developers, but
they are not used by applications.

As for usability from java point of view (mentioned on ALSA wiki), LSB
set of libasound interfaces is enough for some jre implementation (IBM
Java 6.0, to be sure), while others have troubles with linking with
symbols starting with '__'. These symbols are kind of tricks and there
was an unambiguous advise from developers not to ever add them to the
specification. Every such symbol has an analogue without '__' which
should be used instead.


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