[lsb-discuss] [Lf_driver_backport] Google Summer of Code 2008 -- Finalization of the application of the Linux Foundation

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 12:21:34 PDT 2008

Jon Masters wrote:
> I'd like to hear from the Linux Foundation whether they want a Real Time
> position too, which I am happy to mentor from my position on the Red Hat
> Realtime kernel team. I've emailed Dan - anyone else I should ping?

You do not need to wait for Dan, if you mentor these projects or you 
have mentors for them, go ahead editing our ideas list. Simply add a 
section for "Real Time Linux" or add your proposals to the kernel section.

Please provide me with the Google addresses of the mentors, for example 
by adding them to the project descriptions like I did with the 
OpenPrinting and kernel projects.

> Anyway. For the Driver Backports Workgroup:
> *). Online automated driver update database. 2 positions for developers
> who will work on enhancing the Linux tool "Jockey" and build a third
> party driver update database service. This will allow users of a wide
> variety of Linux systems (several different distributions) to
> automatically retrieve and install updated drivers. The online database
> service will allow driver writers to securely interact, publish their
> driver information, and make it available to users. Some effort will be
> devoted to working with existing projects, such as openprinting.org.

Great. Add this description to the ideas list in a new section for the 
Driver Backports group. Please also tell who will be the mentors and 
what the students should know.

Pitti, would you also do mentoring on this project?

Please make sure that I have the Google addresses of all the mentors.



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