[lsb-discuss] Going through the bugs for LSB 4.0

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Tue Mar 11 08:53:10 PDT 2008

Theodore Tso wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 08:16:41AM -0700, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
>> By the way, we ought to agree on a convention for requests to
>> add new features (I mean real new functionality, not something
>> like "we forgot to include xdr_destroy" which I would consider
>> a bug).  These used to be tracked in lsb-futures, and might or
>> might not have a bug associated with them.  Now they're going
>> to primarily be tracked in a wiki page-per-feature, which is
>> fine for tracking the feature but doesn't give an overview of
>> things in the queue.
> Well, an easy way to get an overview would be to use a Wikipedia
> feature for "Requested new feature".  Also, the LSB:PM page will have
> a list of projects that are in Future status, in a table format with
> space for a comment.  We could track it in the BZ if it would add
> value, but if it's just a matter of making sure we don't lose such a
> request, there are ways we can achieve this in the Wiki.

It's really just a matter of feeling like the info in BZ is complete.
We don't have to do this (create a BZ entry) for every feature; I was
mainly just flagging that I've set things which look like new-feature
requests to "Enhancement".

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