[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-03-12

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Mar 12 12:25:39 PDT 2008

Attendees: Jeff, Sam, Jesper, Ted, Darren Davis, Mats, Dan Kohn, Stew, 
Alan Clark, Vladimir, Alexey, George, Marvin.

Google Summer of Code.  Jeff: no LSB projects; the LF is doing others. 
Ted: could possibly add projects, but if it's low priority, could 
possibly not be worth it this year.  Jeff: next year may be better, 
after a successful LSB 4.

Project management.  Jeff has been adding some to the LSB:PM page. 
Those working on projects should decide if their project needs a page, 
and fill it out if so.

Java.  George: could we look at the list of symbols needed?  Jeff: two 
libraries, plus a few symbols.  Some will go away with a proper LSB 
build.  Mats: libXtst ready to go.  George: is there a candidate field 
we can set?  Ted: can also use comments.  Jeff: libthread_db?  Mats: 
don't know how it's pulled in, probably disappear with a LSB build. 
Ted: ditto with ctype stuff.  Should probably do more research offline, 
report to the list, and discuss.  Certain symbols will be controversial; 
may need to ask Sun/IBM why they need other things.  Mats: one JRE is 
pulling in ALSA internal symbols, which they probably need to stop 
using.  Jeff: Sun guy.  George: create a wiki page for ABIs needed? 
Jeff: need a project management page.  George: point the way and will 
add notes.

JPackage.  Skipped on this call.

SI.  Jeff: rPath.  Ted: are we abandoning the LFS approach?  Sam: right 
now, can build the 3.1 SI for ia32, some progress on x86_64.  Have added 
Python and Perl to that; don't pass all the tests.  Would actually 
advocate moving to rPath if it can be done.  Ted: still some work to do 
on rPath as well; arch support is a problem.  Estimate for work to do on 
LFS?  Sam: not sure, recreating the build environment is difficult, 
shouldn't take longer than a month to get the extra 3.2 stuff added once 
the build issues are ironed out.  Maybe a few weeks before starting 
testing.  Jeff: build issues given to someone else?  Sam: would help a 
lot.  Jeff: who?  Ted: and what do they think about abandoning LFS? 
Mats: could we get some time out of Marvin?  Ted: will ask.  Mats: 
Marvin was most recent wrangler.  Adding new pieces shouldn't be a lot 
of work.  Shouldn't touch the other parts of it.  Marvin: need to get 
builds working again on all archs.  Jeff: how easy would it be to get 
some of Marvin's time?  Marvin: not likely.  Ted: this could degrade our 
support for IBM archs, could be a lever to pry loose some time.  Marvin: 
can find out by next week about getting all archs building.  Sam: also, 
when building, could we check latest bzr?  Marvin: will start with 
devel, move back to 3.1 if needed. Jeff: 4.0 status.  Ted: also getting 
an upgraded Power machine, working with Kay and George on that.

Build environment.  Jeff: in same status as SI, because it's based on 
it.  Ted: does that mean no SDK for 3.2?  Jeff: no, SDK based on lsbcc, 
which was released for 3.2.  The buildenv is an alternative to lsbcc.

ISPRAS test improvements.  Vladimir: continuing to develop tests at all 
three quality grades.  Also improving quality of tools.  Most test 
resources are working on medium level (t2c).  Desktop libraries are 
current focus, also libstdc++ medium tests, libX11, gobject recently 
finished, also gdk-pixbuf.  OpenGL also in progress.  For deep tests: 
core in progress.  Shallow tests for Qt 4, too.  These are reflected in 
weekly reports.

Improve app test tools.  Jeff: brought up at ISV meeting.  ISVs love ATK 
Manager, but want more stuff.  In particular, comments on common 
problems are important.  Ted: would be good to document how to get text 
into those fields; will have full-time ISV support person who could add 
some of that information as issues come up with ISVs.  Vladimir: will 
get that documented.  Comments currently go in the database; will come 
up with a better way to add those.

Jesper: Norway holiday next Wednesday, so Norwegian people won't be on 
the call then.

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