[lsb-discuss] LSB 4.0 and printing

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at suse.de
Thu Mar 27 09:55:06 PDT 2008

Johannes Meixner wrote:
> Have a network scanner (a scanner with ethernet connection)
> in an office for several people.

If the scanner has ethernet connection, any user can install drivers
on his _desktop_. No need to restrict installation on a _server_, or?

> Run the scanner driver (the SANE backend) together with
> the saned on an arbitrary server machine somewhere in
> a locked server room to have both the driver and the
> access permission stuff under full control of the admin
> of the central server.

What's the advantage of your model? It seems not very practicable and
a bit uncommon to me.

Restricting printing access is easy to explain: every single page
printed out costs resources (paper, toner, etc).

But scanning?

Why restricting a network scanner to special users and not to a
special, secure place? If there is no trust to all of the users, why
is the network scanner physical accessible to anyone, with danger of
thefts, and the scanning restricted to users? Why not locking the
scanner into a restricted room?

I neither see how you can prevent scanning by the bad guys, if the
scanner is still accessible by (physical) anyone and (by software)
through whole network?

I would suggest to setup a special desktop machine with limited
physical access in such an scenario into a special secured room. IMHO
more secure.

Another solution for your example might be to setup a a _desktop_
machine and use (in a limited way) as a server for above scenario. No
need to blow up all the other server machines with unnecessary scanner

And I think it is a very limited, uncommon scenario you describe.
Let us stay at the more common real life examples, please.

> Run the scanning frontend together with the SANE "net"
> meta-driver on the individual user's workstation where
> it doesn't harm others if one user corrupts his workstation.

Workstation means a desktop machine right? So again: scanning with
SANE is done on the desktop machine.

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