[lsb-discuss] Chiphopper application decoding list

Kay Tate ktate at us.ibm.com
Thu Mar 27 22:00:21 PDT 2008

We have masked the Chiphopper participant identities in the Application
Navigator on the advice of our legal team. As a result we have the
following mappings for some odd-looking names so you can tell what market
segment they come from and their "size" for the application analysis that
is posted. The application names listed are formed as follows:

    "CH" & segment abbrev & 2-digit year the capture was done & sequence
number & rough size of ISV ("sm" or "md" or "lg")

Segment -- abbreviation
Web -- WB
Tools -- TL
Security & compliance -- SE
ERP  -- ER
Government  -- GV
Education  -- ED
Graphics  -- GR
Data Management  -- DM
Middleware  -- MW
WorkFlow  -- WF
Data Recovery  -- DR
High Availability  -- HA
Backup & Recovery  -- BR
Infrastructure  -- IN
Performance  -- PR
Messaging  -- MG
Unknown  -- UN
Business Intelligence  -- BI
Financial & Banking  -- FB

So "CHDM0725md" in the navigator is a Chiphopper-validated application in
the Data Management area with journal info from 2007 that is a medium
player in that market.

Best regards,
Kay A. Tate
Chiphopper Program Manager

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