[lsb-discuss] LSB 4.0 and printing

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at suse.de
Fri Mar 28 09:09:03 PDT 2008

Johannes Meixner wrote:
> On Mar 27 17:55 Klaus Singvogel wrote
> [whether or not it may make sense or not
>  to have scanning software on a server]
> All I wanted to point out is that running scanner drivers
> on a server can be done and can make sense.
> I never said that running scanner drivers on a server
> is the usual way to access a scanner.

Thanks for agreeing to us.

To my knowledge LSB is only setting up a basic installation
for a system. Therefore bloating the system unnecessary should
be avoided. It's not about forbidding distributions to add the
scanner packages on their media for server installation, and not
about preventing users to install such packages on their servers,
it's only about to leave packages in the basic setup away, where
a common use doesn't make sense.

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