[lsb-discuss] Google Summer of Code 2009: Student application

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 10:33:05 PDT 2009


a student applied to do the OpenJDK project in this Google Summer of 
Code. See the application below. If someone of you wants to mentor him 
or participate in evaluating his application, please sign up as a GSoC 
mentor for the Linux Foundation (organization link ID: LF) on 
http://socghop.appspot.com/. This does not oblige you to actually mentor 
this student.



Title:  	 Make OpenJDK LSB Compliant
Student: 	Wei Chen
Mentor: 	No mentor assigned
Possible Mentors: 	None
As the importance of Java a pathway should be provided for Java app to 
become LSB certified. But many interfaces in Sun JRE are not in the LSB 
4.0. In some cases, LSB compliance issues can be easily fixed. In other 
cases, simple substitutions is what is required. And not all non-LSB 
libraries and interfaces used by OpenJDK are easy to solve. The goal 
drawn here is to analyze the OpenJDK and create patches which won't 
break Java compliance so that it can be built as an LSB-complaint 

Name: Wei Chen

University: Zhejiang University, China

Short bio: As a junior undergraduate majoring in software engineering, I 
have taken several project, which is shown as follows:
1) When I took the C integration laboratory, I wrote a game and won an A 
2) I have taken object-oriented programming and built a date 
organization system in C++ with my teammates.
3) In the Java course, I completed an audio media player.
4) In the database concept course, I completed a library book management 
5) I with my teammates accomplished the account management subsystem 
subject to the stock trade system with Java in the software engineering 
6) In the assembly language and interfaces course, I successfully wrote 
a program in x86 assembly language to tranfer file through the COM 
serial port.
7) In the middleware technology course, I as the team leader have 
deployed the web services in glassfish-v2 by using EJB3 and axis2 tools 
with my teammates.
8) In the operating system analysis and laboratory course, I have 
finished to follow the Linux From Scratch (LFS) to build a linux 
distribution with one of my friends.
9) In the multimedia fundamentals course, I have used the huffman method 
to encode and decode text files with Java by myself. It is really a 
challenge to make the file smaller.
10) In the human computer interaction course, I finished a GUI design 
with QT4.
11) Besides, I have taken several small projects in the course of data 
structure and numerical analysis.

I have joined the two mailing lists:
1) Lf driver backport
2) lsb-discuss

And my IRC nick is weichen.

I have been work on Linux for three years, and for coding I only use 
Linux as my operating system. The hardware I use now is based on the 
Intel x86 architecture, which in detail is Intel Core T2050, along with 
1.5 GB physical memories. I am quite familiar with C and Java. Though I 
have learned C++ as the teaching language in the Object-oriented 
programming, most of the time I use Java to code as OO is required. 
Besides, I also learned the x86 assembly. All the programming experience 
has been stated above. I apply for the LSB to make openjdk LSB compliant 
since I am much familiar with Java, and I am now try to view some parts 
of the source code of the JDK.

This is the first time I apply for being involved in OpenSource 
development projects. But at the time I begin to try Linux, I was 
attracted and persue the way to join OpenSource Organizations. And also 
this is the first time I know GSoc, which can realize my dream. 
Moreover, this project might broaden my view upon those aspects in the 
real work.

As a beginner, I don't know what I can achieve. But I promise I can 
follow my mentor as better as possible. At current period I can only 
spend one or two hours on the project. But in July, when the summer 
holiday begins, I can spend about forty hours per week. And although the 
Summer of Code finishes, what I can do for the LF may not be over.

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