[lsb-discuss] Google Summer of Code 2009: Student application

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Fri Apr 3 06:22:14 PDT 2009

So that makes three now?  How do we sort this out, having
no actual experience with the process....

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Hi,
> another student applied to do the OpenJDK project in this Google
> Summer 
> of Code. See the application below. If someone of you wants to mentor
> him or participate in evaluating his application, please sign up as a
> GSoC mentor for the Linux Foundation (organization link ID: LF) on
> http://socghop.appspot.com/. This does not oblige you to actually
> mentor this student.
>     Till
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Title:  	 Make OpenJDK LSB Compliant
> Student: 	pavel shved
> Mentor: 	No mentor assigned
> Possible Mentors: 	None
> Abstract:
> Including Java as a mandatory component in the LSB (similar to the
> support of Perl and Python) has been difficult due to some
> non-technical issues. I recognize the importance of Java and would
> like to provide a pathway for Java application to become LSB
> certified. Therefore, the creation of an LSB certifiable JRE is very
> important to community and a number of Java application providers. My
> aim in this project is to patch source code and building scripts of
> OpenJDK for it to become LSB compliant. Content:
> My name is Pavel Shved, I'm a male human of 20 years old.  If you meet
> me in IRC or across the web, I'll most likely use nickname `shvedsky'.
> I study in Moscow (Russia), the city is GMT 3+.
> Email: pavel.shved at gmail.com.
> PROJECT - ,,Make OpenJDK LSB Compliant''
> My aim in this project's framework is to make OpenJDK a compatible
> application (since other ways to standartize it are hampered).  This
> would specifically benefit application developers that use Java and
> would like to rely on LSB platform.
> I think that LSB lacks support from developers.  Certanly, presence of
> many of LSB compatible environments will fill this gap.  That's why I
> picked this particular idea.
> I'm going to spend 40h per week during the summer (only 32 in the end
> of May though).  I'm sure I will carry the project good enough, as I
> had prior experience with LSB and automatic analysis of source code
> of C++ libraries.  I investigated C++ shared libraries binary
> compatibility problems (and even filed a couple of bugfixes to LSB
> bugzilla), through which I had acqaintance with LSB internals.
> I have few experience with Java but the basics would be enough for
> this project.
> 23 May:  study source code of OpenJDK, analyze it with LSB App
> Checker, and determine the key problems preventing it from being LSB
>   compatible. Study OpenJDK build system and portability support
> infrasturucture. 
> 05 June: determine particular subroutines that comprise
>   incompatibility. Study what can be eliminated by following LSB
> guidelines (by studying interfaces in LSB Navigator, mailing list
> archives and live IRC contact with LSB maintainers). Study low-level
> parts of JDK (such as I/O, memory allocation systems) more thoroughly
> to find the ways to solve incompatibility in non-obivous cases. Query
> OpenJDK developers with elaborated questions whether the intervention
> in the most obscure parts 
> of code won't arise any known issues.
> 25 June: fix the most obvious and `lightweight' problems.  Prepare
> `application battery' to superficially test the correctness of the
>   code. Prepare automatic speed measurement  with SPECjvm benchmark. 
> Get 
> replies from developers and discuss the questions and contradiction
> arisen (with them and LSB workgroup).
> 10 July: Fix issues that required collaboration with developers.  Fix
> the build system of OpenJDK to allow automatic LSB build or prepare
> the script that runs it, whatever seems suitable.
> 25 July: Prepare several patchsets for JDK: to satisfy JDK developers
> and to make JDK lsb compatible by any means.  Summarize previously
> unknown issues aboud carrying application to LSB compatible state.
> 10 August: pencils-down date; prepare final documentation and reports.
> I study in Moscow Insititute of Physics and Technologie (State
> University), where I'm taking a Masters program on applied
>   mathematics. However, my main goal has always been CS, so I took
> various courses in this area: Relational Database Systems,
> Computability Theory, Theory and Implementation of Programming
> Languages, Computational Complexity 
> Theory, Compiler Optimization,  Effective C++ Programming  etc.  I
> truly enjoy studying of new algorithms and programming languages.
> As of my programming skills, I have considerable experience of them. 
> I know Pascal/Delphi, that I used in programming contests in school.
> Nowadays I use C/C++ and modern interpreted languages like Ruby and
> Perl, along with scripting ones like GNU Make's language and bash.
> I code on Intel x86-64 platform under different GNU/Linux systems, I'm
> familiar with the way Linux programs are developed and distributed.
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