[lsb-discuss] Google Summer of Code 2009: Student application

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 10:01:45 PDT 2009


another student applied to do the OpenJDK project in this Google Summer
of Code. See the application below. If someone of you wants to mentor
him or participate in evaluating his application, please sign up as a
GSoC mentor for the Linux Foundation (organization link ID: LF) on
http://socghop.appspot.com/. This does not oblige you to actually mentor
this student.



Title:  	 Project to make openJDK LSB compliable
Student: 	Ratna Raj Singh
Mentor: 	No mentor assigned
Possible Mentors: 	None
OpenJDK is one of the most used Java platform and Java is great platform 
for application development. The need of OpenJDK in LSB is thus 
requisite and that to without bugs. The project is to make OpenJDK 
included in the LSB without any compatibility issues.
A number of patches will be done in the JDK source for bugs like XML 
syntax problems,compilation in some distros ,etc.

Name : Ratna Raj Singh

Current Enrollment : Indian Institute of Technologu Kanpur, Kanpur, India

Overview :  I'm programming since age 14  and know little GW-BASIC (my 
first language, in school)

                  a good experience with C++ , about 3years or so(Turbo 
c++, but I can also do same with standart C++)

                    and JAVA. I've taken participation in a few open 
programming challenges like IOPC '09.

IRC nick : junkman

Platform used : Turbo C++, GCC.                   OS :  Linux and windows

Experience with programming : As earlier I've been coding frm past 3 n a 
half year and have anexperience of writing compact coded

                                             programs and have made a 
run-time database management application (Storing information of stars 
and having some search and count in that datastructure), I've also made 
a GUI based file storage program.

I was not involved in any opensource  development earlier.

My goals are to to learning and developing skills ant get more 
experienced with programming and software development. Further I want to 
hlep the Open Source Community to develop more and produce more user 
friendly and compatiable applications.

I'm suited to do this because of my willingness and determination to 
know more and do more.

My planned schedule.....(weekly)

Around 5-6  + 1/2 hours a day ,also 1-2 hrs extra if i'm lagging behind.

every weekend i plan to make my next week schedule( what i've to do 
next) and wht i've done so far

planning to have a day vacation (i mean i work only 2-3 hours)

I'll be little less avaliable when I go out of station (may happen 
atmost once for a few days)

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