[lsb-discuss] Building and checking a 3.0 compliant package under the 4.0 SDK

Steve Goetze goetze at dovetail.com
Mon Apr 13 13:10:36 PDT 2009

I've attempted to build our 3.0 certified application using the 4.0
SDK on s390x (SLES 10).

I set LSBCC_LSBVERSION=30 and built the package cleanly.

Running the web based application check results in "Numerous
compatibility problems found".  Lots of errors appear in the external
interfaces section, and most are puzzling to me.  For example,

fprintf (available since LSB 1.0)

Details page shows:

Interface: fprintf (GLIBC_2.4, libc.so.6)
LSB Status:
Not in LSB 3.0. (Appeared in LSB 4.0.)
Presence in Distributions
Present in:

    * SLES 10

Missing in:

    * CentOS 4.6

Do I need to do something else to build a 3.0 compliant package with
the 4.0 SDK?

--Steve Goetze

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