[lsb-discuss] Building and checking a 3.0 compliant package under the 4.0 SDK

Stew Benedict stewb at linux-foundation.org
Mon Apr 13 14:08:34 PDT 2009

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Steve Goetze wrote:
>> I've attempted to build our 3.0 certified application using the 4.0
>> SDK on s390x (SLES 10).
>> I set LSBCC_LSBVERSION=30 and built the package cleanly.
>> Running the web based application check results in "Numerous
>> compatibility problems found".  Lots of errors appear in the external
>> interfaces section, and most are puzzling to me.  For example,
> Those results look very odd indeed.
> Could you send your results to me?  There should be a tarball in 
> /var/opt/lsb/app-checker/results, under one of the long directory names 
> describing the cached results.
> Go ahead and send directly to me; I doubt the list needs to see it. :-)
Is "30" the correct string? Man page and --lsb-version seems to imply "3.0"

Stew Benedict
Linux Foundation

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