[lsb-discuss] Building and checking a 3.0 compliant package under the 4.0 SDK

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Tue Apr 14 07:35:05 PDT 2009

Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
>> 2.) Interfaces that are in LSB 3.0, but marked not present in the
>> Distributions: 
>> Interface: socket (GLIBC_2.2, libc.so.6)
> Both of these are odd. I think you said you're using s390x,
> socket() is present in libc as GLIBC_2.2 for s390x, and
> read() should be the same - getting the latter from pthread
> implies something strange is happening at link time.

Indeed, socket at GLIBC_2.2 is present on s390x distributions and missing
on s390 ones. Just a simple check - ensure that you are using AppChecker
for s390x, not for s390.

Tarball with appchecker results would be useful. It can be found in the
/var/opt/lsb/app-checker/results directory (see subdirectory
corresponding to your test run, the tarball should be already present

You can send it directly to my mail, not to overload the list.

> Can you try linking with --lsb-verbose on the command line,
> or alternatively, LSBCC_VERBOSE=1 in the environment, maybe
> we can spot something there?


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