[lsb-discuss] LSB 3.0 build with 4.0 SDK appchk results

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Tue Apr 14 11:26:36 PDT 2009

> Well, that made a difference, things looks much cleaner this time.
> The interface collisions between libc.so.6 / libpthread.so.0 conflicts
> are shown in the results.  Are these results reasonable, or are there
> still potential issues?

These are not actual issues; the claiming is caused by the fact that
some symbols (e.g. read) are exported by both libc and libpthread,
while LSB in some cases only concerns libc symbol.

Note that though the issues under discussion are present in the main
result window, they are not taken into account during formal
certification process (and thus are not reported in the 'LSB
Certification' tab).

> >
> > It seems that the AppChecker version you use is quite old; I'd suggest
> > to get the freshest version from here:
> >
> > http://ispras.linuxfoundation.org/index.php/Linux_App_Checker_Releases#Version_4.0.3
> >
> > I remember we've fixed some bugs since that time, so maybe the update
> > will help.


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