[lsb-discuss] App Checker Virtual Machines

Stew Benedict stewb at linux-foundation.org
Fri Apr 17 14:40:28 PDT 2009

Latest iterations (ia32, and x86_64):


I just arbitrarily picked this directory. They can be moved wherever.

Builders are setup on the build machines to be able to turn the crank on 
these fairly easily. Build pulls the current app-checker pieces from the 
4.0 repos to install in the VM.
Could probably use a bit more automation yet, but the script does the 
right things per arch and lets you version the build. I versioned the VM 
to track the app-checker version.

LF Logo on the splash screen looks a little lame. I tried converting the 
white background to transparent and it looked even worse. The very thin 
lines in "THE" and "FOUNDATION" seem to be part of the problem. I do 
have a request in to Dan/Craig for a clean logo with a transparent 
background. I have the necessary branding src.rpms prepared to be able 
to rework this part as desired.

I ran both archs enough to boot and see the app checker in firefox and 
go back and tweak tux's env a bit to de-brand things. Send bug reports 
to me, the list, or bugzilla.

Stew Benedict
Linux Foundation

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