[lsb-discuss] FHS-type question - where to put modifiable data shared by all users?

Giacomo A. Catenazzi cate at cateee.net
Wed Apr 22 09:23:58 PDT 2009

David Bruce wrote:
> If there is a better place to ask this question, please let me know.
> The list I found for FHS is abandoned to spam.
> I'm the developer of a desktop application and want to allow users to
> create and modify files that will be accessible to all users.  (The
> app is Tux Typing, a typing tutor game for kids.  I want teachers to
> be able to add their own word lists that will be visible to all
> students.  I don't want to assume that all the kids will use a common
> login, even though that seems to be the practice at most elementary
> schools).

/var/lib/tuxtype is the right place to put modifiable (by tuxtype)
data. BTW is also the place where databases are stored.

Is all users need to modify the data (and because of
"a typing tutor game for kids"), /var/games/tuxtype is also a good


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