[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2009-04-22

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Apr 22 13:49:21 PDT 2009

Attendees: Jeff Licquia, Alan Clark, Stew Benedict, George Kraft, Ted 
Tso, Brian Proffitt, Alexey Khoroshilov, Dennis Gilmore

Alan: in talking to the team, they thought it would be good to 
incorporate App Checker into the SuSE Studio.  George: lsbcc?  Alan: 
SuSE Studio doesn't do the app compile.  Would be a check on the apps 
that are put into the image.  Ted: great for LSB visibility, but for 
someone who's just interested in appliance deployment, why is a portable 
app important?  Alan: could run when they build the image; not sure it's 
the right point.  Maybe when one adds a repo into a Studio image?  Could 
check for compatibility.  Jeff: both sides?  Alan: two approaches.  Hook 
into SuSE Studio, or hook into kiwi.  Studio is more aimed at end users; 
kiwi is more aimed at devs.  Jeff: can use LSB certification, plus 
libchk/cmdchk, to "validate" an image w/o running the whole DTK suite. 
Ted: kiwi and Studio could both be options; kiwi would be quick; Studio 
takes more work.  Alan: we need to think this out first.  Just wanted to 
introduce the topic.  Jeff: use the LSB as a shear point for moving apps 
between appliance platforms.  Ted: how does the Just Enough OS QA 
compare to the App Checker?  Alan: Studio checks dependencies; does the 
App Checker?  Ted: yes.  Could report which distros will work and which 
won't to Studio, and possibly faster.

George: LSB 4.0 release date?  Ted: need to work with Amanda; she's on 
vacation.  Will roll forward soon; as quickly as possible.  Will get a 
date by next week.  George: distro interest?  Jeff: yes.  Ted: may be 
some last-minute bugs we need to deal with.

Alan: s390 SLES 11 results?  Jeff: on the autotest page.  Need to evaluate.

Alan: SI?  Jeff: need to get some info back to Antonio.  Alan: date? 
Jeff: once Antonio has what he needs, should have images to test in a 
few days.

Alan: update appchk articles?  Brian: waiting for the content to come 
in.  Shouldn't take long.  Head down on linux.com new site.  Ted: if we 
have the kiwi image mostly done, do we need to help you?  Brian: just 
point me at it when it's done.  Ted: any tweaking left?  Stew: nothing 
technical.  Brian: send me the link.  Alan: could this be part of the 
LSB 4.0 press release?  Ted: probably will do that.

Ted: LDN?  Jeff: what should we write?  What's most important?  Ted: to 
get the ball rolling, we had some ideas from the ISV track.  Don't have 
to be LSB-specific; interesting to the developer.  Kiwi article. 
Dispelling concerns about Mono patents.  Can also invite people who 
presented to do articles.  Jeff: pet peeves.  Alan: understanding common 
problems and how to fix them.  Should be a set of common issues.  Ted: 
if people can think of short "tips and tricks".  Weren't there some of 
those on the Novell dev site?  Alan: would have to look.  Success 
stories would be good.  Jeff: dev interviews, too.  Ted: podcast with 
Flash developer.  Jeff: send more ideas to list?  Ted: perhaps start a 
mailing list thread for this.

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