[lsb-discuss] LDN article ideas

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Apr 22 13:53:51 PDT 2009

It was discussed on the Wednesday conference call, and thought to be 
good to open up to everyone who might not otherwise be able to do the calls.

We're looking for article ideas for LDN, and while the content doesn't 
have to be LSB-specific, this group probably knows things that could 
stand some better documentation within the LSB process.  So, what would 
those be?

Some ways to think about this:

  - What are the top things that confuse you about the LSB, working with 
the LSB tools, etc.?

  - Tips and tricks for distro portability.

  - HOWTO topics.  For example, how to use the App Checker, how to get 
such-and-such information in your app in a portable way, etc.

  - General-purpose articles that solve problems you run into as a Linux 

Anyway, if you have some good ideas, let us know!  A follow-up to the 
list should be sufficient.

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