[lsb-discuss] Adding test link to interface page

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Tue Apr 28 07:04:05 PDT 2009

Robert Schweikert wrote:
> It would be nice if we could add links to the test source from the
> interface pages. For example, on
> http://dev.linuxfoundation.org/navigator/browse/int_single.php?cmd=list-by-name&Ilibrary=libc&Iname=strcmp
> <http://dev.linuxfoundation.org/navigator/browse/int_single.php?cmd=list-by-name&Ilibrary=libc&Iname=strcmp>
> we should have a link that points to the source for the strcmp test. For
> interfaces that do not have a test we should add something like "No test
> available" in the same location on the page that would link to the test.

Agree, this would be useful. Note that different tests may come from
different sources, so I guess that a good place for links to source code
is a page with detailed list of tests for the interface (i.e. the page
that you see after clicking on 'list...' in the line with total number
of tests).

And yes, we'll add 'No test' label in the next update.

> ALSA does this for their tests, see
> http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/alsa-lib//group___global.html#ga966cc0e80d3b8f070437c851114d5a5
> Robert

However, our situation is more tricky than the ALSA's one; the thing is
that for many test suites, we simply don't have existing html pages to
be referenced in Navigator.

For example, Xts5 is stored in LSB bazaar as a tarball (taken from
upstream) with a set of LSB-specific patches. In order to correctly
reference the test source, we need html representing the patched source
code; bazaar is of no use here.

We (ISP RAS) actually have some ideas/plans about organization of test
sources browsing/referencing. However, this doesn't seem to be among
high priority tasks at the moment...


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