[lsb-discuss] LSB OpenJDK patch availability

Alan Clark aclark at novell.com
Fri Aug 7 08:16:18 PDT 2009

Can you characterize how close this gets us to the goal?

>>> On 8/7/2009 at 07:06 AM, in message <4A7C26DD.8080504 at licquia.org>, Jeff
Licquia <jeff at licquia.org> wrote: 
> The results so far from our Google Summer of Code project to make a
> LSB-compliant Java runtime can be found here:
> http://ftp.linuxfoundation.org/pub/lsb/lsb-openjdk/
> There's a README file which describes what's found there.  In a
> nutshell, there are bare patches, as well as source and binaries built
> from the Ubuntu openjdk package.
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