[lsb-discuss] Refreshing LSB 4.0 tests

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Tue Aug 25 08:05:01 PDT 2009

We said we wouldn't release an update of the 4.0 tests
until there was enough change to drive the need.

However, I believe there is enough change now - Moblin
testing is proceeding using snapshot builds of the test
suites because of the number of bug fixes there that
don't appear in the released 4.0 tests.  That's okay
while things are still in development on the Moblin side,
but once actual testing is anticipated, it needs to be
against released test suites, or there will be no
reproducibility to refer back to - tests will be done against
packages that will vanish from the LF server within
24 hours to be replaced by a new build.

As a result, I'm requesting that we schedule an update
release of the 4.0 test suites, and make it a high
priority since time is short and the dependency is
pretty important.

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