[lsb-discuss] Refreshing LSB 4.0 tests

Alexey Khoroshilov khoroshilov at ispras.ru
Tue Aug 25 09:37:09 PDT 2009

Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> We said we wouldn't release an update of the 4.0 tests
> until there was enough change to drive the need.
> However, I believe there is enough change now - Moblin
> testing is proceeding using snapshot builds of the test
> suites because of the number of bug fixes there that
> don't appear in the released 4.0 tests.  That's okay
> while things are still in development on the Moblin side,
> but once actual testing is anticipated, it needs to be
> against released test suites, or there will be no
> reproducibility to refer back to - tests will be done against
> packages that will vanish from the LF server within
> 24 hours to be replaced by a new build.
Actually that is true partially.
Indeed, Moblin Distribution Checker downloads test suites from LF
snapshot directory but for snapshot testing only (i.e. if you manually
select snapshot version at the Custom tests page). As for certification
test run, it takes snapshot versions of LSB test suites from moblin.org
ftp [1], where they are placed by us after manual review and
verification that they do not check any requirements outside of the LSB
4.0 specification. This solution comes from the issue identified by
Mats, that officially released LSB test suite packages are not the best
for the goals of the Moblin compliance program.

We should discuss how to organize usage of the LSB tests in Moblin
compliance program in the best way.
I see at least two ways.
1. Moblin compliance specification refers LSB 4.0, so the straightline
approach is to use the official LSB 4.0 test suite.
2. Another way is to separate test suites used for Moblin and LSB
certification programs. It makes us more flexible. We will be able to
use newer/older versions if required. The cost of the flexibility is the
need to separately manage updates of LSB test suites for Moblin
certification program.

Any thoughts?

A note: The new Distribution Checker allows to switch between these two
scenarios as appropriate, without releasing new version, just by
modifying MANIFEST file at a server.

[1] http://compliance.moblin.org/testkit/beta/OSV/lsb

> As a result, I'm requesting that we schedule an update
> release of the 4.0 test suites, and make it a high
> priority since time is short and the dependency is
> pretty important.
Nevertheless I am for refreshing LSB tests and SDK as well.


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