[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2009-08-26

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Aug 26 09:10:12 PDT 2009

Attendees: Jeff Licquia, Robert Schweikert, Russ Herrold, Stew Benedict,
Dalibor Topic, Alan Clark, Alexey Khoroshilov.

Conference call issues again today.  We definitely need to switch.  That
will be done before next week's meeting.

Bug 2449 is the LSB 4.0 refresh rollup bug.  Stew reported that most of
the open issues had to do with ISPRAS test issues that are fixed in
devel, but contain other updates that may not be 4.0-bug-related.
Alexey noted that the major update was to OLVER, which improved test
coverage and should be better.  The main potential problem will be with
previously-issued certifications; we should test the new test suites
against the currently certified distributions to make sure there are no
new issues.

One of the bugs involves a spec update (2477).  Stew and Mats talked
about it earlier; Stew almost stripped it from the rollup because it's
more appropriate for 4.1.  It turns out that gcc does the right thing
when the symbols in question aren't present in the libraries (which they
aren't in the LSB SDK), so the need for this fix is significantly less.

The other "interesting" bug is 2726, which calls for the entire test
suite to be built with the best-effort flag.  Stew has already started
on this, and for the tests he's changed, he's seen no issues on x86.
This is a request from the Moblin group, which doesn't want to require
that the LSB linker is installed for the tests to even run.  We would
benefit from this too, in that we would report a missing linker as a
regular test failure instead of a test show-stopper.  The downside: it
is a change in a released test suite, which could introduce other
issues.  As with the ISPRAS updates, we need to test these on our
currently certified distros to make sure they don't introduce new
issues.  Consensus on the call was that this was a good idea, with only
Stew and Jeff raising the concern about changes to a stable release.
Robert pointed out that, since the release announcement is late, we
could consider this a "pre-release fix".

The other question is logistics.  The schedule will depend on how much
time we can devote to the refresh.  As a positive note, the buildbot
setup is looking good, and if it can be ready to do full LSB builds by
the release, it should be much easier to do a release build with it than
with the current autobuilder.

Action items:

 - Get a new number for the LSB call.

 - Pull the spec update from the 4.0 refresh.

 - Test the ISPRAS tests in devel against 4.0-certified (and certifying)
distros, and pull them into 4.0 if suitable.

 - Switch the builds to build the tests with best-effort turned on, and
test the results on the certified/certifying distros.

 - Figure out a timeline for the refresh.

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