[lsb-discuss] Multi-lib standards

Scott Baeder baeder at cadence.com
Wed Dec 2 12:20:37 PST 2009


Just catching up on some list activity... I read with enthusiasm the raging debate ;-)  Lots of good points, but I think Ted captured the essence of the issue..

Ultimately, the question is whether you think 32-bit and 64-bit

applications will need to co-exist for a short-time, or a long-time.

I agree with him, and we face this all the time.  There is a BIG difference between a 32 and 64 bit kernel and the applications that run on that system.  We find a significant difference in the performance of the EDA tools we create, and because of that only go to a 64 bit data model when we need the memory space inside the application.

And like the Enterprise Linux distro's we have followed Sun's lead and use the 64 suffix for the 64 bit directory, and sometimes even add it to the executable name.

These already exist today, so we can't just say to everybody, convert

to the One True Way of doing things.

So, maybe I'm just a bit ignorant here, since today, we only deal with the "enterprise" flavors, but how does the LSB address this?



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