[lsb-discuss] Building tests to run on Arm

Tobin Davis tdavis at dsl-only.net
Tue Dec 1 12:29:34 PST 2009

We are currently switching our build environment for arm support from
armv5 to armv7 with thumb2 to take advantage of the new arm core
enhancements (up to 30% performance increases with new code set).  In
the process of upgrading our repositories, we need a way to test that
there is no abi or api breakage in the transition.  My idea was to use a
few of the LSB test suites to test before and after the core rebuild
(armv7 will still run armv5 code).  I have mirrored the lsb/devel bazaar
trees.  All of the tests appear to depend on build-env, which in turn
depends on the specdb. This is where I am currently stuck, as the
documentation (that I have found so far) is a bit limited.

I would like to know the best or easiest way to go about this. 

Tobin Davis 

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