[lsb-discuss] Linux Socket API Documentation?

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Dec 24 07:26:15 PST 2009

Darren Davis wrote:
>>>> On 12/24/2009 at 03:12 AM, in message
>>>> <4B333EA3.8090304 at ispras.ru>, Denis 
> Silakov <silakov at ispras.ru> wrote:
>> On 12/24/09 01:10, Darren Davis wrote:
>>> Hello LSB,
>>> Were would you point someone to get the definitive API
>>> Documentation for the 
>> Linux Socket API?  Would you just say look at the man pages?  They
>> tend to be outdated.
>>> Thoughts?
>> Well, I don't think that man pages in this particular area are
>> outdated. 
>> man 2 and 7 for socket and other relevant 'man 2' pages were updated
>> less than a year ago (end 2008/beginning 2009) and should represent
>> all kernel 2.6.27/glibc 2.9 possibilities.
>> Probably these are not the ultimate docs, but I guess this is much
>> more fresh then most of documents/FAQs/tutorials you can find in the
>> Net. 
> Agreed, it does look like the dates are October of 2008 in SLE 11, so
> they are pretty current.  I probably should have checked that before
> making my statement.  I was reflecting more of the fact that you do
> an Internet search for socket documentation and I find they are
> usually dated many years ago. 

yes, it's interesting how old the manpage providers seem to be.
I think the manpages project itself is providing html access to
the latest set, might be worth just going there directly.  

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