[lsb-discuss] Thinking about future LSB features

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Feb 11 10:21:16 PST 2009

Dallman, John wrote:
>> What would make LSB more useful to you?
> The lack of Motif support is what kills it for most of my employers'
> apps. 

I've been looking at some similar things.

So is it fair to say a general summary here is that for an app where 
the gui is crucial, we're not ready enough?

- Motif supporrt for those legacy, obsolete apps that still use it
  ten years after anyone wanted Motif (I'm harassing you here, John :-)

- not far enough up the Gnome stack to be useful, for example
  apps using Glade to layout the UI are in trouble

- potentially not far enough up the KDE stack although I've heard
  less about this

- no help for people using something like Clutter


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